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Malik Ayub Sumbal is Senior Broadcaster, Political Commentator, and Media Consultant. Malik has been associated with world-leading media outlets and news channels. He has more than 18 years of experience while working on key editorial positions. Malik was President at the Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF), a leading organization working for the Press Freedom and Free Speech around the world.
The Rise and Fall of Ukraine-NATO Partnership

The Rise and Fall of Ukraine-NATO Partnership

The rejection of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s call for a no-fly zone by NATO is a big blow for Kyiv. The Ukraine-NATO epic breakup turned into revenge after the statement of Zelensky that if Ukraine will not be safe, the West couldn’t be safe as well.

The West not only betrayed Zelensky, but they pulled down the ladder where they put him to use him against Russia. It’s not the new face of the West. Betrayal and cutting down every olive branch where they step up to climb is one of those western values where they actually abscond and in fact, they must be shamed for this.

Ukraine has been badly exploited and jeopardized by Volodymyr Zelensky who put everything at stake including the Ukrainian people. Anti-Russian sentiments and hatred made this day happen that he has gambled his country for Western geopolitical and strategic interests.

The Western dream of an Eastern extension of NATO is now bulldozed with the statement from the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, “We are not part of this conflict. And we have a responsibility to ensure it does not escalate and spread beyond Ukraine”. What is now left behind after this blatant dissociation of NATO from Ukraine?

The European Union (EU) had never been unreliable like today that Georgia and Moldova applied for EU membership. Who knows what is the future of their membership though one thing is very clear: the United States (US) and Western hegemony are shattered after making Ukraine a scapegoat.

The United States (US) and Western countries used Volodymyr Zelensky’s shoulder to put the NATO barrel but it backfired. The United States (US) and NATO have no other option for a face-saving outcome except to display their hypocritical policy in making a U-turn from the Ukrainian border back to the European Zone.

Today NATO has been trying to dissociate them from this conflict and war. In reality, the West is responsible for all this provocation and the kindled statements that turned this conflict into a full-fledged war. The statements that came out of the United States, NATO and the United Kingdom (UK) for the last several months throw Ukraine into this conflict. They instantly stepped back and became mute bystanders after turning this disagreement into a war.

NATO’s Eastern expansion by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe is a pipe dream and Russia had to escalate the conflict. How can Russia allow the United States (US) to sit next door when the US did not permit the placement of nuclear-armed Soviet missiles on Cuba, barely 90 miles from US shores? In today’s Ukraine crisis there are many similarities to the historic 13-day political and military standoff with the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 between the Soviet Union and the US.

It is difficult for dependent states to meet the combat and security difficulties that have evolved to become poxy of regional or global powers. NATO, the US, and Western countries exploit vulnerable countries for their gain, pushing them into crises like the one Ukraine are experiencing today.

Europe was never divided before like today, especially in the Ukraine crisis. European energy demands have changed the priorities of the member states. Without Russian gas, Europe can’t survive.

After this Ukraine episode, Russian confidence increased and it would be hard for the US, UK, and NATO to play “Hide and Seek” near the Russian neighborhood.

Malik Ayub Sumbal is an Award-Winning journalist, Geopolitical Analyst, Commentator & Moderator. He is the author of his newly published book Tovuz to Karabakh, A Comprehensive Analysis of War in South-Caucasus. He tweet @ayubsumbal