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Malik Ayub Sumbal is Senior Broadcaster, Political Commentator, and Media Consultant. Malik has been associated with world-leading media outlets and news channels. He has more than 18 years of experience while working on key editorial positions. Malik was President at the Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF), a leading organization working for the Press Freedom and Free Speech around the world.
Israel’s Counsel Falter in Defending Alleged Genocidal Acts at ICJ

Israel’s Counsel Falter in Defending Alleged Genocidal Acts at ICJ

On the second day of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) hearing, the Israeli legal team faced significant challenges, evident in their trembling voices and lack of confidence reflected in their body language. Their defense against accusations of Israeli War Crimes and Genocidal acts proved to be an uphill battle.

The lead counsel for Israel even encountered difficulty when he lost his page, highlighting the complexity of the task at hand. Defending mass murder acts is undeniably challenging, especially when confronted with strong evidence, footage, videos, and scrutiny from United Nations bodies targeting these alleged crimes. Israel finds itself struggling to distance from the accusations and the resulting bloodshed.

The toll on journalists has been particularly high, with over 100 journalists killed by Israeli forces, marking the highest number of journalist casualties in any single conflict in modern history. The list of Israel’s War Crimes extends from the destruction of humanitarian convoys to the killing of United Nations staff.

Israel’s actions have led to the creation of severe humanitarian crises, with the deliberate targeting of hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, and various other buildings. The killings of children, documented in viral videos, serve as undeniable evidence that cannot be easily dismissed.

Israeli Minister statements serve as open admissions to these alleged crimes, where threats to wipe out and eliminate Palestinians are made. The Israeli legal team faces a formidable challenge in defending these acts and attempting to shift the narrative towards omissions. These deliberate actions seem to perpetuate the alleged genocide of Palestinians, creating a complex legal battleground for Israel’s lawyers.


Malik Ayub Sumbal is an Award-Winning journalist, Geopolitical Analyst, Commentator & Moderator. He is the author of his newly published book Tovuz to Karabakh, A Comprehensive Analysis of War in South-Caucasus. He tweet @ayubsumbal