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Malik Ayub Sumbal is Senior Broadcaster, Political Commentator, and Media Consultant. Malik has been associated with world-leading media outlets and news channels. He has more than 18 years of experience while working on key editorial positions. Malik was President at the Consortium for Press Freedom (CPF), a leading organization working for the Press Freedom and Free Speech around the world.
Houthis Pose a Formidable Challenge to Israeli and American Presence in the Red Sea

Houthis Pose a Formidable Challenge to Israeli and American Presence in the Red Sea

Against the backdrop of Israel’s war crimes in Gaza and the U.S. endorsement in these atrocities, coupled with Palestinian genocides, an unexpected and robust maritime challenge has emerged in the Red Sea by Yemen Houthis.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza, the United States’ perceived alignment with Israel, has created a volatile situation. However, the emergence of the Houthi challenge in the Red Sea adds a new layer of complexity for Israel and the U.S. in the region.

The Biden administration’s policies in the Middle East have faced criticism, with accusations of making strategic errors and becoming implicated in war crimes. As the U.S. attempts to navigate its role in the region, the Houthi challenge in the Red Sea amplifies existing geopolitical tensions.

In response to these challenges, the United States failed to make a Red Sea Maritime alliance. However, internal divisions and ongoing challenges have hindered the effectiveness of this proposed alliance, raising questions about its ability to address the complex dynamics in the region.

The Houthi rebels’ maritime actions in the Red Sea present a strong pushback against perceived injustices, challenging both Israeli and American interests.

This unexpected development highlights the intricate web of geopolitical challenges in the Middle East, underscoring the need for nuanced diplomacy and strategic reassessment to address the evolving situation in the Red Sea.


Malik Ayub Sumbal is an Award-Winning journalist, Geopolitical Analyst, Commentator & Moderator. He is the author of his newly published book Tovuz to Karabakh, A Comprehensive Analysis of War in South-Caucasus. He tweet @ayubsumbal