Pak-EPA witnesses shortage of executives

Pak-EPA witnesses shortage of executives

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Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) witnessing shortage of the higher cadre staff as the posts of three deputy directors and one director are vacant for the last two years while three deputy directors on leave and two directors on deputation.

This lack of interest from the concerned authorities not only hampering the ongoing projects but also being considered that the department is likely to close as all the activities of the department are at halt. According to the sources in the Pak-EPA, it has been revealed that maximum staff and the heads of various ongoing project went on leave due to their lack of interest in the department. A number of officials went on deputation while some positions have been lying vacant for the last two years.

According to the list made available to ‘The News’, Dilawar Khan Azad, Deputy Director (Legal), Zia-Ud-Din Khattak, Deputy Director Activity Based Capacity Development (APBC) Project and Farzana Altaf Shah Deputy Director (Labs) are on two-month leave.

Dircetor Mir Sajjad Hussain Talpoor is on deputation in to the Oil and Gas Department at Khairpur while Fahim Riaz Khan Director Legal is also on deputation in the provincial EPA. However, the positions of the three deputy directors research and investigation, administration and environment protection including director labs are vacant for the last two years.

There are 10 positions of the deputy directors and directors in the Pak-EPA office, Islamabad. Director General Pak-EPA, Asif Shujja Khan, when contacted by ‘The News’ said, “I have written and also discussed the matter with the ministry high-ups who are concerned about this situation adding so as soon as it possible all the positions will be filled and the deputation and leave staff will be back on their positions.” He said that the working of the Pak-EPA was not affected as the junior staff is looking after all the matters.